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UFC and JAKKS Talk New Action Figure Line

Thomas Gerbasi of UFC.com recently talked to Enrique Ruvalcaba, Jakks Pacific’s Director of Marketing about the new UFC toys line.  While no new product images were shown the article does give a bit of insight to the inner workings of JAKKS.We do get a bit of an explanation of what happened to Wave 2…. “As far as managing the mixes, that’s a little bit more challenging, but we try to give everybody somebody huge in every wave,” said Ruvalcaba. “So it wouldn’t make sense for us to put Randy (Couture), Chuck (Liddell), Anderson Silva, and (Lyoto) Machida, and everybody into Wave 1, then we have a tremendous Wave 1 and we have nobody to do in Wave 2. So we try to spread out what we call the A+ talent. We’re spreading out Rampage (Jackson), Brock (Lesnar), Chuck and BJ Penn, so every series is gonna have one A+ guys, several A guys, and then a few other figures.”

You can read the complete article over at UFC.com plus you can see Wave 0 , Wave 1 and what was originally planned for Wave 2.

  1. obvious
    May 6, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    chuck lidell is D level talent. release all of his figures now, clown can’t hit sh!t anymore.

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